Live sports in an all-new way

Transform your sportsbook with innovative Simulated Reality games. Driven by AI and utilizing Apissocial’s extensive real sports data, these games mirror actual team performance and match dynamics.

Simulated Reality offers your customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrill of real sports action, featuring soccer, tennis, cricket, and more. With live stats, analysis, and comprehensive league results tables, these games unfold in real-time, delivering sports betting experiences that closely resemble reality and enhance your offerings.




Simulated Reality soccer provides fans with the opportunity to witness their favorite teams in action. The fixtures consist of a mix of replica tournaments and custom competitions, offering an exciting and immersive experience.


Simulated Reality Cricket brings the exhilaration of Twenty20 matches to life in their entirety, with every ball meticulously updated and open for betting.


Simulated Reality Tennis allows your customers to stay connected with the top ATP and WTA tournaments in Europe and the UK, including Grand Slams, during the scheduled time of the real events.

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